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Adidas' Das Tables - Bear Mountain

FEBRUARY 2018 | #126

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Coloring Book

We asked a few pros for some tips and tricks for the next time you and your friends decide to have a “safety meeting.”  Featuring Ozzy Henning, Dylan Alito, Nate Bozung and many more. Hit the link for full story

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Yung Doli x Elio Fumagalli interview

Whether you love him or hate him, he doesn't really care. Chances are you've probably seen Instagram clips of Lucas Baume AKA Yung Doli floating around. Javier Silva capitalized on the chance to finally meet the notorious Instagram snowboarder. Watch here

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Palm Springs Splitboarding

Caption artist Javier Silva just came through with a highly-unique all natural edit. Splitboard turns, log slides, rock grinds, pond skims, and best of all, some was filmed in Palm Springs, and the rest filmed in Tioga Pass. Full story here

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Monday Mallet

Daniel Salazar takes a scenic slam while on a jaunt through Yosemite. Dabazar popped real high off this rock, but after the slam, was able to enjoy a sunset that was popping even more. Watch clip here

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Mammoth Closing

Mammoth Mountain closes for their second longest season in resort history right behind 94'-95' when the lifts stopped running on August 14th after opening early October. Read full story here

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Progression Airbag

With an upcoming Olympic season approaching and a precursor of qualifying events to prepare for, training for snowboarding's hucking hopefuls is in full swing. Read full story here